The Corliss Institute

The Corliss Institute is a non profit group home agency that provides services for adults with developmental and other disabilities, with specialization for those who are deaf or with hearing loss and/or those with varying modes of communication. The Corliss Group home agency adheres to core values of safeguarding clients’ dignity and individuality, providing excellent and appropriate service, fostering a meaningful sense of community, and providing agency leadership that advocates the highest standards of clinical, legal/ethical treatment and innovation within the field.

Corliss Institute Group: Day Program Caters to Specialized Needs

Corliss Institute, Inc. offers customized training for individuals with specific needs in their center-based Day Program which operates from Monday to Friday at 9 AM to 3 PM. Participants are provided training in activities required in daily life with preparation for future employment opportunities. Individuals are also aided on how to interact with community members through visits to the local YMCA, regular bowling games and other activities suited to the participants involved.


These activities include training in the use of computers, exercise, writing and reading, in general. Basic education in these and other events pertinent to the individual needs will help equip the participants with the necessary skill to apply in future productive jobs in the community. This virtual school has become a stepping-stone for those who desire to become an active part of the greater community.


In spite of the physical and social challenges that participants may experience, Corliss group makes sure that the training environment allows them to experience real-life conditions they will encounter and help them adjust and comply with the fundamental requirements within their capabilities. The preparation for acquiring skills, then, goes hand-in-hand with the social and communication skills they need to work with others in their job environment.


Just as it should be, since all of us go through the same process of learning what we are capable of attaining and proving to others that we can deliver according to the expectations. As we learn to apply our skills, we improve our level of competence in many areas we are engaged in. As long as people, whether we have disabilities or not, know that they can find the support to learn and to develop in their skills and work, they can remain productive and fulfilled for many years.


Recognition of this basic requirement in training individuals is apparent in the programs of Corliss Institute, Inc.'s website. Whether it is in teaching individuals the rudiments of cooking or writing, making people aware of their capacity to learn and to apply their newly-acquired skills is as important as maintaining their confidence to learn more and to improve their lives as fruitful citizens.


Anyone can learn to read or to use the computer eventually. But it takes the right person to teach in a manner that builds up a learner's confidence and to continue to grow in the process of acquiring more knowledge and applying the knowledge or skills acquired. For instance, many have acquired the gnawing fear of Math first before they even gained the necessary confidence to face the subject the way they do any other field of study. Why? Because so many teachers applied unfriendly or socially-negative approaches in teaching Math, thus, making it a formidable task rather than the exciting and even enjoyable endeavour that it is. Hence, the disability that most people have in relation to solving Math problems has become a virtual syndrome that affects the abilities of people in the subject and other related fields.


In this regards, Corliss group deserves commendation for having establish a way to assist individuals with more challenges than most of us have been born or given with. And knowing that there are people who need our support in the same manner that Corliss group has shown, we should reach out to more people in our communities who may need specialized service as well.